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Have you ever wondered what it entails to buy or sell property with auction houses in Manchester? Wonder no more! At Prime, we have a wide selection of hot deals and incredible unsold auction property in Manchester.

For sellers, our auctioneers offer FREE valuations and marketing to get your property sold with excellent service throughout the whole process.

Get in touch with Prime’s auction house in Manchester to buy or sell at auction fast.

Upcoming Auctions Schedule for our Manchester Auction House

Are you looking to buy a property for sale during a Manchester property auction? Take a minute to check out our upcoming online auctions below. Get first dibs on commercial lots and bare land to buildings needing renovations and residential property auctions in Manchester.

How To Sell Properties at Auction in Manchester

Selling at auction doesn’t have to be a difficult process. When you work with Prime’s Manchester auction property house, it’s fast, safe, and fun. 

Before you put your properties up for sale, here are a couple of tips about the selling process from our professional team.

Get a FREE Valuation

Commercial lots or house auctions in Manchester always begin with an efficient valuation from our company.

We provide FREE valuations on properties anywhere in the country, so you’ll have an expert idea of what price to list at.

Set a Minimum Reserve Price

You have control over the sale price of your space during a house auction in Manchester. Simply decide on the minimum price you’d be willing to accept.

You can also reach out to our auction team if you need some assistance choosing a price.

FREE Marketing

After you set your price, we market your property for FREE on RightmoveZoopla, and more to thousands of potential buyers.

We’ve helped more than 2,500 people who needed to sell their property at for auction in Manchester and beyond with our incredible widespread marketing, which includes a FREE property checklist. We provide free photographs, a video tour, and a floor plan.

Accept the Offer

Once our Manchester house auctions start, bids start rolling in, and your property will be sold at or above your minimum price.

Accept the offer, and you’ll get paid within 28 days.

Need to auction properties in Manchester? Reach out to Prime’s professional team of auctioneers for a free valuation.

How to Buy at Manchester Property Auctions

Interested in buying a residential or commercial property on auction in Manchester? Here’s a quick breakdown of the buying process.

Find Your Property

Decide on the kind of property you want and search through our listings of residential and commercial property auctions in Manchester.

Think about your price range carefully. As a leading online auction house with excellent customer service, we’re constantly adding new lots to our property auctions in Manchester, UK.

Start Bidding

At Prime, the bidding process is completely secure and confidential. Stick to your budget and keep a close eye on the auction.

All you have to do is stay one bid ahead of the competition at all times, and that residential or commercial property will be in the bag in no time.

Pay the Deposit

If you are the highest bidder once the auction ends, the property is yours. The next step is to pay a 10% deposit on the final price.

The sale will be completed within 28 days after you’ve paid the deposit on the sold property. Once the hammer falls, there’s no risk of the seller backing out.

Find the perfect commercial lot or house at for auction in Manchester and start bidding with Prime

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FAQs about our Manchester Property Online Auctions

You might have a few questions before buying or selling a property at auction. 

So, take a look at our frequently asked questions and helpful answers below.

Yes, you will need a solicitor in order to sell a property at auction. If you don’t already have one, we can introduce you to a solicitor. We’ll drop you a link, and then it’s a quick click to book a call.

The expert team at Prime will only come to your property once to take photos and do a survey. Once this is completed, viewings are not necessary. You won’t have to worry about potential buyers invading your space and causing disturbances as you go about your life.

Ready for a fast sale? Claim a free auction valuation today, or start bidding on your dream property.

Why Choose Prime Property Auctions?

Prime Property Auctions has helped sell over 2,500 lots in the UK at the highest-value price. We’ve been helping buyers and sellers score the perfect deal since 2022, with a whopping 93% success rate on property sales.

Whether you’re looking for your forever home or ready to sell your investment property at your desired price, our elite customer service and auction expertise will help you buy or sell quickly and safely. What’s more? With us, you get to have some fun along the way, too, in a seamless, stress-free process.

Ready to start your property adventure? Here are a couple of great benefits of working with Prime:

  • FREE property valuation 

  • Access to over 11,000 cash-ready buyers

  • Get an offer within 7 days of listing on the auction

  • No sale, no fee

  • FREE marketing

  • No risk of backing out or gazumping

Get hammered with Prime’s auction house in Manchester. Get in touch for a free valuation, or start bidding today.

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