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Need to auction residential property? With Prime Property Auctions, commercial and residential property auctions are made simple.

We charge zero upfront fees to put your residential properties up on an online auction.
You set the minimum price you’re happy to sell at and if our auction house doesn’t sell your residential property, you won’t pay a fee.

Want to sell a flat fast on residential property auctions? Claim your free valuation from Prime.

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Residential Property Auctions in the UK

Take a look at our upcoming residential auctions.

In just a few days, your home could be listed on these residential properties for auction!

How To Sell Residential Auction Property

Excited to start selling your residential properties with an expert auctioneer?

Before putting your flat up for sale with our online auction house,

here’s some advice from our team to guide you through the selling process.

Talk to Us

Reach out to Prime Property Auctions, one of the most trusted residential auction companies in Scotland, and tell us all about the property you want to auction. We can help you sell it fast.

Get a Free Valuation

Before marketing on flat auctions, we provide a free auction valuation to guide you on the buyer value of your residential property.

Set Your Price

As the seller, you set the minimum amount that you are happy to accept before bidding begins. We are here to advise you on value before the buying process begins.

FREE Marketing

We market your property for FREE on Rightmove, Zoopla and other online property portals before hosting apartment auctions.

You’ll enjoy the perks of our offer for FREE professional photos, videos and floor plans.

Bidding Begins

We’ll put your property for purchase on the open market. Prime has a network of over 11,000 cash-ready, pre-qualified buyers excited to see your property on an online apartment auction.

Prospective buyers can bid until the auction closes and the official buying process begins.

Accept an Offer To
Buy Your Property

After the final bid has been placed, the highest bidder will buy your residential property provided the figure is at or above your minimum figure.

You accept the final bid offer and the buying and contracts procedure begins. You will have the money in your bank account within 28 days.

Need to sell your flat quickly?

Get a free valuation from Prime, and we’ll make sure your property is sold within 28 days.

Why Choose Prime Property Auctions?

Prime Property Auctions has helped guide more than 2,500 clients along the journey to sell their properties during live residential auctions in UK. We have been hosting online residential auctions in UK since 2022 and will be by your side from the first valuation to the completion of contracts. 

As one of the most trusted residential auction houses in the country, we take the time to market your residential property for auction for free on Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, and On The Market. 

Before we auction residential properties, we also provide professional photos, videos and floor plans for FREE! When you’re ready to place your house or flat for auction, you can enjoy watching the bidding, and your property will be sold on residential house auctions within 28 days. 

If your property isn’t sold, our team won’t charge you a fee. Here are some other unbeatable benefits of working with us on your sale of property via auction:

  • Free residential auction house valuation 

  • Get an offer within 7 days of listing

  • Zero marketing costs for our online auction

  • No upfront fees 

  • Network of over 11,000 cash-ready, pre-qualified buyers

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