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Interested in buying or selling during an Edinburgh property auction?

At Prime, we have a variety of incredible houses for auction in Edinburgh. If you’ve been searching for the right place to host your property, our auctioneers offer FREE valuations and marketing.

Get in touch with Prime’s auction house in Edinburgh to buy or auction houses quickly.

Upcoming Auctions Schedule - Edinburgh Auctions Online

Are you looking for a property auction in Edinburgh? Take a peek at our upcoming online property auctions for sale,
from residential and commercial lots to bare land and buildings needing renovations.

How to Sell - Auction Property in Edinburgh

Want to sell your property in online Edinburgh property auctions?

Before your property is sold on our Edinburgh auction house site, here are a few tips from an expert auctioneer.

As one of the most trusted Edinburgh auction houses, we offer FREE valuations on your property anywhere in the country!

Set a Sale Price

When it comes to our house auctions in Edinburgh, you decide on the best selling price for you. Choose the minimum amount you’re willing to accept when you auction your Edinburgh property.

FREE Marketing

Before our property auctions in Edinburgh, we’ll market your property for FREE on Rightmove, Zoopla, and more to thousands of potential buyers. We'll also cover the cost of photographs, video tour and floor plans up front so there is nothing for you to pay.

Accept the Offer

When the online house auction in Edinburgh ends and your property is sold, you’ll get paid within 28 days. Need to sell a tenanted property in Edinburgh? Get in touch with Prime for a free valuation.

How To Buy - House Auctions in Edinburgh

Interested in buying a property on our Edinburgh house auctions?

Here’s a breakdown of the no-fuss process.

Find Your Property

Search through our listings and decide on the property you want. As one of the leading auction houses in Edinburgh, we’re constantly adding new properties to our website, and you have a wide variety of incredible options to choose from.

Start Bidding

Prime’s bidding process is completely secure and confidential. Make sure you stay one bid ahead of the competition, otherwise you risk losing your dream property to someone else.

Pay the Deposit

If you placed the highest bid when the auction ends, the property is yours! The sale will be completed within 28 days after you pay a 10% deposit.

Scroll through our Edinburgh properties and start bidding with Prime.


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Why Choose Prime Property Auctions?

Prime Property has helped over 2,500 buyers and sellers in Edinburgh score their dream deals since 2022, with a 93% success rate on property sales.

Whether you’re interested in buying your new forever home or you want to get rid of a property that’s been giving you a headache, our auction house is a safe and fast way to complete transactions.

These great benefits make your auction properties in Edinburgh a seamless, winning experience:

  • Get an offer within 7 days

  • Free property valuation 

  • No sale, no fee

  • Access to over 11,000 cash-ready buyers

  • FREE marketing

  • No risk of backing out or gazumping

Get hammered with Prime’s auction house in Edinburgh. Reach out for a free valuation, or start bidding today.

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