Property Auction House — Dundee

Property Auction House — Dundee

Prime has the knowledge and expertise to sell your land, building, flat, or home quickly. We also have an extensive range of well-priced and valuable properties for sale through our property auction house in Dundee.

Sell your property with us and benefit from FREE valuations, expert marketing, and top-tier customer service.

Contact Prime’s property auction house in Dundee, for a free valuation, or start bidding today.

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Whether you’re looking to sell a plot of land or sell your house fast, our experienced team can assist.
Take a peek at our upcoming house auctions below.

How To Sell With Our Property Auctions in Dundee

Our knowledge and expertise means we can sell properties in Scotland quickly and efficiently.

Before you list your land or building with our professional auctioneer team, here are a few simple steps to kickstart the process. 

Step 1: Get a FREE Valuation

Before we can list your property on our auction houses, get in touch for a FREE valuation.

Step 2: Set a Minimum Reserve Price

At Prime, our prerogative is to get you the highest bid possible. The most important first step is for you to decide on a minimum reserve price you’re willing to accept. Once this has been decided, we’ll register your property. Feel free to reach out to our world-class online auction team if you need some advice.

Step 3: FREE Marketing

At our property auction house, we don't just sell properties, we craft unique experiences. Through clever marketing, we turn every bid into an event worth remembering. As part of our house auction services, we’ll advertise your property for FREE on Rightmove, Zoopla, and more. We also provide free photographs, a video tour, and a floor plan.

Step 4: Bidding Begins

Picture this: Thousands of eager bidders vying for your property while you sit back and unwind with ease. The highest bidder steps into the spotlight, seizing the title of proud property owner as long as they outshine the rest. With the highest bid secured, all it takes is a 10% deposit to seal the deal.

Step 5: Accept the Offer

If you're satisfied with the top bid for your property, simply accept the offer! Our property auctions guarantee your security, shielding you from any fallout if the buyer withdraws. Once they've placed a 10% deposit, expect the full amount in your account within 28 days. In the rare event of a buyer's change of heart, rest assured you will retain the 10% deposit.

Ready to turn your property into profit or find your dream home? Get bidding or claim your free valuation today!

How To Buy With Our Property Auctions in Dundee

Find your ideal auction house property with Prime in three easy steps.

See our quick breakdown of the buying process below.

Step 1: Find Your Dream Property

The first and most thrilling part is finding your perfect property in Scotland. Simply determine your budget and browse our extensive range of properties for sale. Our listings are updated regularly, so make sure you check our site frequently.

Step 2: Begin Bidding

After spotting your dream Dundee property at auction, make your move with a confidential bid. Stay ahead of the game by keeping a close eye on your top picks, ensuring you're always one step ahead of the competition.

Step 3: Pay the Deposit

Secure your purchase by placing the highest bid. Once you've paid the 10% deposit, the sale concludes swiftly in just 28 days. With the hammer down, the property is yours,  no turning back. Welcome to your new lucrative property ownership!

With our expert team, selling or purchasing an auction property in Dundee has never been easier.

Reach out to us for a free valuation, or start bidding today. 

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Why Choose Prime Property Auctions?

Since 2022, Prime Property Auctions have helped hundreds of people sell properties during our property auctions in Scotland and England. This includes bare land for development, commercial property, and residential property. Our property auction house boasts a 93% success rate, with more than 2,500 sales to date.

Whether you’re buying or selling, our team of expert auctioneers is dedicated to making the process quick, easy, and enjoyable for you.

Discover the multitude of benefits when buying or listing your property with Prime’s auction house. Explore the exciting advantages below.

Top 6 Reasons To Choose Prime

  • FREE property valuation 

  • FREE marketing

  • No sale, no fee

  • Get an offer within 7 days of listing

  • Access to over 11,000 cash-ready buyers

  • No risk of backing out or gazumping

Ready to make your property dreams a reality with our property auction house in Dundee?

Get bidding or claim your free valuation today.

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